Sony Esprit

SONY ESPRIT --555ES-- serie 1984


Sony APM-4 Esprit

Sony APM-4 Esprit Исполнитель Mike Dawes.

SONY ESオーディオ

自分が愛用しているソニーのESオーディオです^^ 中々良い音を奏でてくれます((○´_`艸) プリメインアンプ SONY TA-F555ESR

Sony ES - the hybrid

Sony ES line from 1990 to 2009.

Sony DAS-703ES(ЦАП) и Sony TA-N902(усилитель серии ESPRIT)

Цап Sony DAS-703ES неплохой без явно выраженных провалов, в меру широкая полоса, динамика, разрешение, ровная АЧХ,...

Sony Esprit

Checking out the latest Sony Esprit at Sony Center, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sony TC-K88B ESPRIT cassettedeck with LCD VU-meters

The TC-K88B is part of the 88 ESPRIT series brought out in 1978. It consisted of the TA-E88B pre-amplifier, TA-N88B digital (!) power amplifier, TC-K88B ...

Gazebo - I Like Chopin...Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable

Gazebo - I Like Chopin Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable Sony A7SII.

Sony PS-X9 vintage direct drive turntable

using internal phono stage with denon DL-103R. RPM is very stable and accurate ...

Sony PS-X75 и Sony SS-A3 La Voce from SONY/ESPRIT

☞ Technics RS 1500 - maxell UD XL I & ☞ SONY ESPRIT CDP-X77ES ☞ 1st* Champagner ☞ 18 Kg !!!

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SONY ESPRIT TA-N900 - Sound check

ヤフオク出品商品 SONY ESPRIT TA-N900の動作確認です。お楽しみください。 サウンドチェック曲 Main Title Theme (The Last Emperor) - David Byrne.

Sony ESPRIT FW-90 test video (take two) jul10

Better video to follow.

A Dream-Team: SONY TC-K970 ES & CDP-X555 ES

Two finest ESPRIT devices in final test before shipping.

Sony APM-77W techno energy

Винтажная акустика Sony APM-77W

Sony ES Hi-Fi system 1990 APM-22ES

SONY TA-E1000ESD, TA-N220, ST-S730ES, CDP-X55ES, TC-K950ES, DTC-55ES. APM-22ES.

Sony Tav 70 Inside And Repair

Sony Tav 70 Repair and Replace STK4034X.


SONY ESPRIT APM-4 REPAIR Vintage audio Parts and accessories

【懐かCM】1993年 SONY ソニー PRO pixy ESPRIT プロピクシー エスプリ ~Nostalgic CM of Japan~

Sony Esprit APM-4 with original Foams

This is my refoam-work from APM-4.

[Ps2] Introduction du jeu "Brave : a la recherche d'esprit danseur" de l'editeur Sony (2005)

Voici l'introduction du jeu video Brave : a la recherche d'esprit danseur publié par Sony au cours de l'année 2005 sur Ps2 N'hesitez pas a partager si vous aimé ...

La linea Esprit di Sony In occasione del Top Audio & Video di Roma Sony presenta la sua gamma per l'home entertainment Esprit.