Ramaflex Demo

Here is a Demo video of the reflex hybrid Paramotor wing by Air Design. We absolutely love it!

Ramaflex test, with BANG :-(

A 'short' test flight on Alex ' Wils' Wilson Ramaflex Butterfly wing ... THIS, unfortunately, ended prematurely ... with a BANG !! Soz there's no music or editing this ...

Eddie and fergus over with ukppg test flying the Air Design Rama Flex ppg wing March 2015

Eddie and fergus over with ukppg test flying the Air Design Rama Flex ppg wing March 2015 Helmet cam Helmet Cam GoPro hero 3+ ...


AirDesign RAMA Flex in Action - Thanks Chris Bowles & Marco Stelter for this video. Filmed @ Southern Skies, LLC USA.

Ramaflex testimony after first flight

Larry Herman interview after first flight on the new Ramaflex.

Essiamo noi!! GTX Snake ITV Puma RamaFlex Vitto 185!

First Flight on my new AirDesign RAMA Flex at ukppg

First Flight on my new custom colored AirDesign RAMA Flex at UKPPG size large motor EC Extreme moster 185 Recorded with GoPro 3 black edition Designed, ...

Richard, 77 launching the RamaFlex

Easy launching Ramaflex.

Paramotore - In volo con Lorenzo e la RAMA Flex - Hammamet

Ramaflex, easy launching

Launching the Ramaflex without effort.

DJ no wind T O @ AirDesign RamaFlex Feb 2013 1

No wind inflation & launch with a AirDesign Rama Flex 26 mt2 PPG wing. Not bad for a guy going on 77!

PPG Paramoteur 131 Rama flex et ITV Billy

Ramaflex vs ITV Billy.

UKPPG - Collapses & Full Stall Testing of The RAMA-FLEX from Air Design 2013

This is a video of the New Rama-Flex Large Reflex Wing by Air-Design Being Flight Tested as part of its certification. The tests are carried out unlike a lot of ...

ParaMotor Flight With The AirDesign RamaFlex Butte

Thanks To James Goddard for allowing my to have a go on his fantastic new medium AirDesign RamaFlex Butterfly glider at UKPPG The Butterfly Ramaflex is ...

DJ flying the RamaFLEX

Here is our 2nd oldest PPG foot launch pilot in the United States. 79 years old (and counting...) and he sure makes it look easy on the RamaFLEX. Get yours at ...

DJ under 23.8 m2 Rama Flex

Fri. 3/8/13 0800 Arrived at Compound Wind was NNW 4 - 5 mph. Got in 3 flts. with my new Air Design Rama Flex 23.8 mt2 flat, 20.37 proj. wing. Very easy ...

Полеты вечером на Rama Flex

Было темно и старенькой камере не хватало света, не взыщите за качество.

Rich Dotterer - Greg & David RamaFlex Testing

Smooth air morning and quick video of Greg and David testing the AirDesign RamaFlex (S) 23.8 meter. Filmed using my Samsung Titanium Note3.

Test flying the large Airdesign Ramaflex at ukppg

Test flying the large Airdesign Ramaflex at ukppg take of weight of the large Ramaflex is 124-155kg i am about 140kg all up i find this wing very easy to launch it ...