Lachenmeier stretch hood FOOD DK.

Stretch hood for wrapping of food products. See how stretch hood can replace stretch wrapping in the food industry.

Lachenmeier Multi Flex1

The Lachenmeier Multi FleX1 - Stretch Hooder Watch how this equipment opens, stretches, and applies hooded film to palleted loads. Learn more about ...

Lachenmeier at Anuga 2015

Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Pallet wrapping for wrapping of food products. Stretch Hood to replace traditional stretch wrapping in the food industry.

Lachenmeier Stretch Hooding Systems - 2016 Super Corr Expo Welcome Video!

The Super Corr Expo is October 17th - 20th, 2016 in Orlando, FL. Visit Booth #2241 for a chance to win a GoPro! Meet the Lachenmeier Team and learn how ...

Lachenmeier Monsun Bulk Handling Equipment - Feed & Grain

Join us for a roundtrip in a silo plant and discover the Lachenmeier Monsun solutions for feed & grain processing industries.

Lachenmeier - Stretch Hood with Octabin

Lachenemeier stretch hood testing on an Octabin type load. Learn more about equipment from Muller LCS at

Multi FleXL Corrugated Lachenmeier

Highlighting the most dynamic stretch hood technology, this video displays Lachenmeier's Multi FleXL. Ideal for hooding corrugated loads, the high throughput ...

lachenmeier F27F Nexxstar Building.mpg

лучшая промышленная упаковка от ЗАО "Роксор Индастри"1.

Lachenmeier - Ash Grove Packaging Testimonial

Engel Isias of Ash Grove Packaging Group talks about the features of Lachenmeier equipment from Muller LCS. Learn more about Muller LCS at ...

Lachenmeier Video F25F Nexxstar Beverage.mpg


Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping

Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping. Learn how to secure your pallet loads for transport.

Lachenmeier Multi FleXL June 2015

Lachenmeier Stretch Hood Wrapping machine - the new Multi FleXL for large format handling. Loads up to 3 m height, and length 3 m as well.

Lachenmeier Multiflex NL

Het verpakken met rekhoezen behoort tot één van de snelst groeiende toepassingen in het verpakken van pallets (ongeveer 20% jaarlijkse groei in Europa).

Lachenmeier - Wrapping of Bricks.

See how Lachenmeier Stretch Hood can help secure your Bricks packaging.

Foliarka Kapturowa (Kapturownica) Lachenmeier Pakowanie Napojów

UWAGA: POSIADAMY URZĄDZENIE UŻYWANE, TAŃSZE O 25% ! Kapturownica Lachenmeier T1 do foliowania stretch pełnych butelek na paletach Euro i 1/2.

Stretch Hood - Pallet wrapping - Power Flex T1 with bags

Stretch hood pallet wrapping machine type Power Flex T1 for wrapping of bags.

Lachenmeier Multi Flex1

세계 최고의 후드 래핑머신인 라켄마이어 X1 입니다. 코팩시스템이 한국시장에 독점으로 공급합니다.

John Navarez Erika Lachenmeier, Colombia & USA, Salsa on 2 Man Lead, Final Round, WLDC 2015

John Navarez Erika Lachenmeier, Colombia & USA, Salsa on 2 Man Lead, Final Round, WLDC 2015. Video by Salsero Boricua and Graphics by SDS Fantasia.

MONSUN Lachenmeier - dust free truck loading

MONSUN Lachenmeier - Dust free loading of bulk material MONSUN MOVEABLE OUTLOADING SYSTEM A visionary alternative to conventional loading of ...